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Things to come

2011-11-02 21:38:20 by keegancostello

Im happy to say Im going to start focusing on my craft, fuk work and all that rat racey bullshite.

Things to come

Okay so ive been a long time newgrounds browser and really have never contributed anything. Ive only recently gotten the account and started reviewing.


Thatll all change, see im all artsy and shit. And I have Flash programs...and the internet.
So you know what that means: Instant success.

So yes, with my abnormally huge brain and ball searing skills I will change the face of this site...forever.
Dont pay me any mind yet (not alot to ask there) but once I submit something. Then flock to me and act like you always been there.

Keegan Coz

Ya im a critic, But I contribute TOO..just not as of yet..